The Mojo Formula:

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  • People Services

    - Outsourced HR:


    Mojo provides an affordable employer HR service for small and medium sized Company's.

    Mojo offers everything from: preparing contracts of employment to HR policy documents, supported by an HR helpline, as well as helping you with any general letters or guidance notes you may require to manage your disciplinary processes, grievance procedures or other people issues in line with your business values and culture.

  • Business Improvement

    - Alignment of objectives and Key Performance Indicators.


    Are your company objectives and measures of success accurately defined?

    Does your team have clarity about their own contribution that links to your agreed Business Strategy and Operating Plan?

    Mojo works with Directors and their management teams to help them pinpoint and deliver to agreed company objectives and targets, to deliver business success.

  • Business Restructuring

    - Championing the consumer experience and promote new ways of working.


    In the current economic climate businesses are reviewing their organisational structures, spans of control and work flows to increase operational efficiency - this is especially focussed on downsizing and redundancy programmes.

    Mojo combines the commercial expertise of a former MD and HRD to recommend legally robust and practical cost effective solutions to achieve sales and protect and grow profit.

    Working with Mojo minimises the impact on the day to day business operation, leaving management teams free to do what they do best.

  • Leadership Development

    - Top Team capability audits and individual coaching and mentoring.


    "Surround yourself with great people and great things happen!" - Sir Richard Branson

    Having been part of the Virgin top team, we've experienced the inspirational ability of a leader to unleash the potential of an organisation to deliver outstanding business results.

    Mojo brings combined coaching and mentoring expertise and applies it on a one to one and team basis to assist clients in nurturing individuals and stretching and developing company capability.

  • Talent Management and Succession Planning

    - Hanging on to talent is a priority for businesses...


    If you are looking to protect and retain your existing employees, as an output of organisational restructuring, we are able to advise clients on strategies for retaining talent and ensuring practical succession plans are in place to protect business performance.